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Honors and awards of Huarun

Huarun was established in May 2002 under the name of Yichang Huarun Science & Technology Development Ltd.

October 2003, Huarun’s products have been identified as High-Tech Products by Yichang Science and Technology Bureau.

November 2005, Huarun was identified as a High-Tech enterprise by Hubei Science and Technology Department.

In 2006, Huarun founded labor union organization and Communist Party Branch.

July 2006,Huarun’s research project ’Halogenated butyl rubber stopper’ had supported SME innovation fund identified by Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

In September 2007, Huarun had passed High-Tech enterprise qualification review by Hubei Province.

November 2007, approved by Hubei Provincial AIC, Huarun changes company name to Hubei Huarun technology co., LTD.

In 2007, Huarun had been evaluated as ‘Abide by the contract and honor the credit’enterprise by Yichang civil AIC.

In December 2007, Huarun have passed ISO90012000 by CCIC.

In February 2009, Huarun had been evaluated as Civilization Unit by Yichang Development Zone.

In May 2009, Huarun entered the project of key enterprises supported by the provincial government

In August 2009, China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association awarded Huaruns “Outstanding Contribution Award for Chinese Pharmaceutical Packaging”.

June 2010, Huarun had passed SGS certification.

September 2010, Huarun had acquired the Price of  “Observe the contract and emphasis the credit” by Hubei Provincial AIC.

In 2010, Huarun has achieved 4 “National Utility Model Patents”.

In 2011, Huarun has achieved 2 National Invention Patents.

December 2011, Huarun won the national high-tech enterprise certification.

April 2012, Huarun won the medal of “2011 Advanced Unit of Fixed Asset Investment” issued by Yichang Development Zone.

 November 2012, Huarun won the honor of “Harmonious Enterprise” awarded by Yichang Municipal Government.

February 2013, Huarun was awarded the honor of “Yichang Science and Technology SME Innovation Growth Project Pilot Enterprise” by Yichang Science and Technology Bureau and Municipal Finance Bureau.

2007 to 2013, Huarun was continuously rated as “Advanced Taxpaying Enterprise” by the National Taxation Bureau of Yichang Development Zone

June 2014, Huarun passed ISO / TS16949 quality system management audit.

June 2015, Huarun won the title of the first batch of “innovative demonstration enterprises” by Yichang Development Zone.

August 2015, Huarun won the Outstanding Contribution Award of Hope Project issued by the Yichang Youth League Committee.

January 2016, Huarun carried out automation transformation and obtained 1 utility model patent.

February 2016, Huarun was awarded the honorary title of “Statistical Integrity Enterprise” by the Economic Development Bureau of Yichang Development Zone.

April 2016, Huarun was awarded the honorary title of “Worker Pioneer” by Yichang Development Zone Federation of Trade Unions.

April 2016, Huarun was awarded the honorary title of “the winning unit of the comprehensive management of social management in the whole district” by Yichang development Zone.

September 2016, Huarun's party branch was renamed and reorganized into the branch committee of the Hubei Huarun High Tech Co., Ltd.

September 2017, Huarun was awarded “Abide by the contract and honor the credit” enterprise by Yichang civic AIC.

In 2017, Huarun was ranked as one of the top 100 taxpayers among manufacturing enterprises in Yichang City.

January 2018, Huarun was awarded the title of “loving unit” awarded by Yichang Welfare Institute.

May 2018, Huarun was awarded the honorary title of “the winning unit of the comprehensive management of social management” by the Yichang Development Zone.

December 2018, Huarun was awarded the honorary title of “Huang Youming Model Worker Studio” by Yichang City Federation of Trade Unions.

February 2019, Huarun was awarded the honorary title of “the industriousFemale Workers” by Hubei Federation of Trade Unions

April 2019, Huarun was awarded the honorary title of “the Worker Pioneer” by Hubei Federation of Trade Unions.

April 2019, Huarun was awarded the Gold Medal by the Chinese Pharmaceutical Packaging Association.

September 2019, Huarun was awarded the honorary title of “the province's advanced units of trade union work in non-public enterprises” by the Hubei Federation of Trade Unions.

December 2019, Huarun was rated as an champion cultivation enterprise of Hubei Province.

April 2020, Huarun was awarded the honorary title of “High Quality Development Award” by Yichang Development Zone.

April 2020, Huarun was awarded the Hubei Provincial Labor Day Medal by Hubei Province Workers Union. Among the 6 awarded organizations in Yichang City, Huarun is the only manufacturer for its contribution to COVID-19 treatments. The other 5 organizations are public hospitals.

April 2020, Huarun executes Excellent Performance Management and outlines the development strategy for “14th Five-Year Plan”, the blueprint for the future is established and clear.  

August 2020, Huarun earned 2nd place in Hubei Province (Yichang City, Jingzhou City and Jingmen City Districts) in the competition of Maker In China.

September 2020, Huarun has built cooperation relationship with Qingdao University of Science and Technology for new products research.

October 2020, Huarun took part in the major project signing ceremony of Yichang City, laying the foundation of moving from current site to our brand new manufacturing facility in Biological Park of Yichang City.

November 2020, Huarun participated in Yichang Citys Fifth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition and obtained the Best 10 of Innovation Group.

December 2020, Further optimized OA office management automation system, realized synergy and intelligence functions for Mobil applications.

January 2021, Huaruns innovation project was awarded the first 10 projects by Hubei Provinces Third Employee Innovation Competition.

In 2021, Huarun received the formal praising letter from China National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association for Huaruns outstanding contribution to the industry during 2020 Covid-19 crisis.

In 2021, the vulcanization team of Huarun was awarded the honor of Pioneer Workers by All-China Federation of Trade Unions.

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