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Hubei Huarun Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereafter referred to as Huarun) is located in Yichang of Hubei Province, a beautiful city renowned for its world-class Three Gorges Hydro-Electric Dam project on Yangtze River. Huarun is a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in neo-type pharmaceutical packing materials’ R&D and manufacturing. It is also a company supported by provincial government and Science & Technology Department of Hubei Province respectively for its potential as market segment leader in provincial pillar industry and for key enterprise nurturing programs. 


With registered capital of 4.65 million US dollars, HuaRun has more than 320 employees and possesses an area of 67,000 m2. Huarun has 1 national-level expert who is awarded by State Council Special Allowance, 1 PHD level senior engineer, 5 senior engineers, 25 engineering technicians and a team of middle to senior rank administrative elites. 


Huarun persistently pursues the grand mission of “Good Medicine Packing, Pack Good Medicine.” Since its inception in 2002, Huarun devotes itself to the R&D and manufacturing of pharmaceutical packing products. Guided by state industrial policies and supported by advanced technologies, Huarun embraces the path led by Industry-University-Research collaboration approach and implements differentiated development strategy. Relying on experienced, efficient and professional R&D and management team, Huarun dedicates its long-term efforts to the R&D and manufacturing of neo-type pharmaceutical packing products---chlorobutyl (Bromobutyl) rubber stopper (gasket) and other pharmaceutical or food grade packing products.


Major products include : chlorobutyl (bromobutyl) rubber stopper (gasket) for oral liquid bottle, pharmaceutical chlorobutyl (bromobutyl) rubber seal ring, chlorobutyl (bromobutyl) rubber stopper for injectable sterile powder, chlorobutyl (bromobutyl) rubber stopper for injectable freeze drying powder, bromobutyl rubber plungers for pen-injectors & prefilled syringes, food and pharmaceutical grade injection-molded items (PA、PP、PE、PU、POM) and blow-molded items (PA、PE、TEEE), etc. Currently, Huarun possesses 40 large-scale equipments, 145 various types of production machines and 62 highly stripped-down systems. Some automated or intelligentized equipments are developed by Huarun itself, these innovations are pioneering in the industry, with domestically leading technologies. All Huarun products are registered and shown on NMPA’s (National Medical Products Administration) official website. Some products had obtained DMF number at US FDA. Huarun has more than 30 patents and its products are competitive in international market. Huarun has become the supplier for oral liquid bottle rubber stopper (gasket) and pharmaceutical API butyl rubber seal ring with most stable quality, largest production capacity and best brand reputation in domestic market. Now Ruarun has built long-term cooperation relationship with more than 50 large and prestigious pharmaceutical companies and packaging factories, whom has become Huarun’s stable client base. Many clients have made Huarun as their designated and sole supplier.


“Integrity, responsibility, innovation, win-win” are the core values of Huarun. Huarun has won the trusts and praises of both domestic and foreign clients by its reliable product quality and good service. Now Huarun has become the largest manufacturer and supplier for pharmaceutical chlorobutyl (bromobutyl) rubber stopper (gasket) for oral liquid preparation and pharmaceutical chlorobutyl rubber seal ring, annual sales volume exceeds 10 billion units. Huarun endeavours to provide advanced, high standard and good quality new-type polymer products to pharmaceutical clients. Consistently applying new technologies and elevating brand reputation are Huarun’s unremitting pursuits. To be a internationally renowned company in pharmaceutical packing industry is the goal we always pursue. Bearing our country, society, shareholders and clients in mind, HuaRun devote itself to the R&D and manufacturing of high quality pharmaceutical-grade packages and to provide related technology support, benefiting society stake holders and achieving further development hand in hand.  


In future undertakings, Huarun will stick to the business concept of “Integrity, responsibility, innovation, win-win”, contributing our wisdom to the development of China’s pharmaceutical packing industry and dedicating our care and love to human health. With strong confidence, HuaRun inspires to conquer any difficulties looming ahead and, being armed with innovative thoughts, HuaRun will make firm strides and create a more bright future!


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